The Anglican Church of Tanzania
St Philip's Theological College - Kongwa


Training in Mission Theology, Pastoral Leadership 
and Development


 College belongs to the Anglican Church of Tanzania under the leadership of  The Archbishop the Most Revd Dr Jacob Chimeledya and all the bishops of the 26 diocese. It is situated 6 kilometres from Kongwa and about 90 kilometres from Dodoma, the administrative capital of Tanzania. It lies under the slopes of a beautiful range of mountains, which account for its pleasant climate.

The college was opened in 1913 and officially started its ministry in 1914 to train Christian leaders for the Anglican Church and other Protestant Churches.

St Philips is one of the two colleges representing the two traditions of the Anglican Communion namely the High Church represented by St Marks and located in Dar es Salaam and the Low Church represented by St Philips.

In the Anglican Province of Tanzania, this diversity of tradition is also represented in the sense that some of the diocese belong to the High Church Tradition and therefore use St Marks to prepare their ordinands and those from the Low Church Tradition use St Philips for the same purpose. Irrespective of the diversity in tradition the two colleges exist under one province and use the same teaching curriculum.

In recent years, each diocese has been increasing its efforts towards starting their own colleges, and that has created a great challenge to St Philips. This has been even more so following the start of St John's University of the Anglican Church of Tanzania.

However, St Philips' emphasis remains that of training men and women towards the ordained ministry with additional emphasis in offering special training to the pastor's wives so that the couple are prepared together. Further, due to its reliable reputation, St Philips has for many years been receiving students from other denominations such as the Lutheran and Moravian churches and even from neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Congo (DRC).

Apart from the diversity in the dioceses represented in both staff and students, there has also been a diverse representation of nationalities from abroad.




Tuition Tzsh     750,000

College up keep Tzsh       30,000

Food & Board Tzsh     500,000

Student personal allowance Tzsh       60,000

Student medical Tzsh       50,000

Book grant Tzsh       34,000

Internal Travel Tzsh         8,000

Sport & Recreation Tzsh         5,000

Practicum Tzsh       30,000

Computer skills & services Tzsh       15,000

Sundries e.g. ID card, stationery Tzsh       18,000                         

TOTAL Tzsh  1,500,000

Our Programs

The College can offer

                                        Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses in Theology

Christian Mission


Development Practice 


Theology Course

Core subjects

·         Old Testament

·         New Testament

·         Systematic Theology

·         Pastoral theology

·         Church History

·         Worship

·         Research Methodology


·         Christian Ethics

·         Evangelism

·         Missiology

·         Church and Society

·         African Traditional Religions

·         Islam

·         Other Religions

·         Children?s Ministry


Mission and Transformational Development Practice Course

Core subjects

·         Mission as Transformation

·         Bible, Culture and Context

·         Theories and Strategies of


·         Contextual Analysis

·         Integrative Strand 

Elective subjects

·         Development Management and Leadership

·         Ethics in Development

Agriculture, Rural Development, Livestock and the Environment

·         Field Work Studies

·         Independent Studies

·         Micro enterprise and Transformational Development 

Pastor?s wives course

Core subjects

·         Old Testament

·         New Testament

·         Pastoral Theology

·         Church History

·         Systematic Theology

·         Practical subjects

·         Cooking

·         Sewing

·         Primary health care

·         Child care

·         Carpentry, plumbing, welding and building


Extra Muriel Activities

Other activities include using our hands in doing practical work around the college. Furthermore we are very committed to caring for our environment in various ways as a gift God has given to us.

The college puts great value in preparing students towards Christian maturity through our academic Programmes, but also through other activities we run through the year.


a) Spiritual Weekends

Held at least once each semester. These are times for students, staff and workers of spiritual challenge and reflection through a guest speaker. 

b) The College Projects

These include dairy and poultry projects, vegetable garden, milling machine flour and sunflower and a small carpentry workshop.  

The college has also got a modestly equipped guest-house, which welcomes any guest who might be visiting the college. The main goal of these activities is to help in college income and providing a context of learning for our students, who later on go to be pastors in different parts of Tanzania and even to the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Rwanda and Congo, to develop a holistic outlook in ministry. The college and the church in general are always in great need, and therefore these activities are highly needed if at all we are to begin to make a difference. The college is in great need of teaching staff, for both the theology course and the mission and development course and English. We also need an administrator, a librarian and an IT expert especially on maintenance and servicing of computers. 

How can you, your organisation or your church support?

1)      PRAY

Prayer is the key to our mission and ministry. We are a praying college and we would highly value to be linked with you in prayer. We are where we are because we believe people have been praying; therefore if you are one of them please do keep praying, and if you were not, please start praying. We value your prayers. 

2)    GIVE

The college has benefited a lot and grown through generosity. We continue to welcome and appreciate your giving. Giving could be in cash or in kind. There are many causes you can give for.

a)      To support student fees. This can help us offer scholarship to students from those dioceses struggling to train their clergy.

b)      Staff salary support. Due to high inflation the college and some dioceses find it difficult to pay staff salary. Your giving could help us pay a staff member.

c)      Projects. Our projects help us in subsidising costs of food and other services. Your support strengthens God?s work. 

3)      COME/SEND

If you are an individual why not think of joining the staff? And if you are an organisation why not send someone? St Philip?s will always welcome your contribution in any way. You can be the one God wants to send.


Contact person

The Revd Capt Agripa Ndatila: Principal

Tel: 00255262350664

Mob: 00255784429895

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Janet Allen: Administrator

Tel: 00255262320430

Mob: 00255716568504

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]








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